Praise for Nathan Heard's Work...

“Howard Street is the heart of the jungle: a street of doomed but vivid and defiant souls--whores, junkies, pushers, winos, thieves, corrupt cops-in the smoldering ghetto of Newark. Mr. Heard tells it like it is. With no trace of condescension, without irony or sentimentality, with honesty and objectivity, he spins a raw and powerful story of ghetto life. Everybody in this story is a loser, but each of Mr. Heard's fully realized characters is individual and distinct."
-Publishers weekly

“In Howard Street there were indications of a great author who could portray such profound pathos in his characters that a reader sensed the reincarnation of Richard Wright and a nightmarish William Faulkner of the American ghetto."
-Claude Brown, author of Manchild in the Promised Land

"He is a writer, no question about that. An almost frightening one--his hatred and violence are so intense."
-Henry Miller

"The stunningly rich story of the very bottom of the black ghetto, of the men whose idea of success is persuading their sweethearts to turn prostitute, of the women who give in because they need a strong pimp… Nathan Heard's Howard Street tells everything… Tells it like it is.”

-Chicago Sun-Times Book Week

​"[Heard] was a leading force in fiction because he showed how writers could take a real experience and transform it into a useful vision..."

-Amiri Baraka

“A searing exploration… The writing is as explosive as its theme… The scenes of strong sexuality are necessary in depicting this life… Heard shocks… But you will gain understanding of the chasm between the races."
-Louisville Times

"Howard Street is the action street in any slum…. There is gang rape, murder and one of the most devastating looks at the mystique of addiction right here where the code is 'A man can't fool with the Golden Rule in a crowd that don't play fair.’ Not a nice place to visit but you won't forget it." 
-The Kirkus Service

"Nathan Heard has given us a look at the whole scene… Peopled with memorable characters… Howard Street is a masterpiece." 
-Black World (formerly Negro Digest)

"Howard Street is in the author's marrow… He knows it stone cold."
-The New York Times